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Quality Control:

We have a strict quality control from incoming materials to final products in compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems:

1. Materials: Use only RoHS & REACH compliant core materials, long service-life barrier bags, as well as high- performance patented adsorbents.

2. Baking: Low-temperature and longer-hours baking makes the core material fully baked and stay stable in shape.

3. Vacuuming: Longer vacuuming time to achieve higher vacuum degree.

4.Sealing: Twice sealing to ensure of firm seams.

5. Folding: Big panels are folded by semi-automatic folding lines to avoid impact and damage. 3-edges- folding is applied for all VIP envelopes. After folding, each panel will be carefully inspected before going to next step.

6. After production, 7 days’ storage is implemented, following with 100% inspection to ensure that only qualified panels are to be delivered.

(VIP Thermal Property Testing Equipment)

(Rapid Detector: used for quick detection of thermal conductivity and pick-out of leaky VIP panels, with inspection speed at 13 seconds per panel.)

With these devices, all VIP panels are 100% inspected before delivery to customers.