Vaccines Pallet Shipper

1. Product Descriptions

Vaccines Pallet shippers,  together with PCM coolant or dry ice, can be used for either long or short distance distribution of temperature-sensitive goods (such as vaccines, medicines, reagents or foods). Due to its excellent thermal insulation and impact prevention, the goods can travel without  damage, or loss of efficacy for a long duration up to 200 hours.

Vaccines Pallet shippers are made of high energy-efficient PU-VIP panels, 2 times better than silica, 10 times better than PU

Therefore it has multiple advantages, such as: higher energy efficiency, less wall thickness, less weight, enlarged payload, and longer duration.

This vaccines pallet shipper is a knock-down design, which can be recycled and reused at lower costs. this design is aimed to save materials, minimize wastes and save costs.

Customizations for this vaccines pallet shipper are available in terms of sizes, durations, appearances and temperature range, etc.

2. Product Specifications:
Product Name:
Vaccines Pallet Shipper
Part No.:
Wall Material:
PU-VIP, Vacuum isolation panels, fumed silica VIPs
Wall Thickness:
Exterior Dimensions:
993.6 L
Product Weight:
64.8 kgs
Pallet Material:
Aluminum or Wood
Knock Down+Reusable
72-200 Hours
Temperature Range:
'-70~60℃/ 20%~80%RH
Storage Temperature
Ambient temperature while indoor
HS Code: 4202920000

3. Applications:
Due to its big capacity and easy loading, vaccines pallet shipper is especially perfect for bulk consignments, such as medicines or vaccines shipping. Our customers had used pallet shippers for Covid-19 vaccines distributions to more than 80 countries. It’s a real big contribution to Coronavirus fighting.

4. Product Patents:

Utility Patent,Patent # ZL 2019 2 0811847.6
Design Patent,Patent #:ZL 2019 3 0278570.0


  • Cooler Bag

  • Vaccine Carrier Box

  • Hoarding box

  • Card board box