Vaccine Carrier Box

1. Product Descriptions:
 Vaccine carrier box are made with EPP boxes and VIP panels. It remains with the advantages of light-weight and shock-resistance that EPP boxes maintain, while upgraded to much better thermal insulation with the VIP panels.
It's a good packaging solution for medicines, vaccines, reagents, and foods, during their storage and transfer.

2. Product Specifications:

Product Name: vaccine carrier box
Item #:ST-B02
Manufacturer: Fujian Super Tech Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
External Material:EPP
Insulation Material:PU-VIP Panels
Coolant: Optional, in various temperature ranges.
Temperature Ranges: 15~25℃;10~20℃;2~8℃;-1~3℃;-10~-20℃;-15~-25℃。
Working Temperature: -30℃~60℃
Durations: 48-200 Hours
Sizes: customized sizes based on customer's designs
Customer Reference: Sinopharm

Some examples of box designs for reference only:
Internal Sizes External Sizes Payload Box Weight Wall Thickness Duration Coolant Weight
309*188*221mm 395*274*307mm 13L 2.5kgs 43mm 48-72h 2~6kgs
414*284*244mm 500*370*340mm 28L 3.2kgs 43mm 48-72h
505*275*270mm 601*371*366mm 33L 3.5kgs 48mm 48-72h
494*369*299mm 600*475*405mm 54L 5.0kgs 53mm 48-72h
720*600*540mm 850*730*670mm 233L 23.0kgs 65mm 48-120h

3. Invention Patents:
Patent#: ZL 2011 1 0056085.1
Patent#: ZL 2017 1 0908105.0

4. Production Base:

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